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 I have a spinning wheel that is surplus to requirements. It is an Ashford Traditional wheel in good working order.  I am selling it on ebay, but the process of adding a video there was rather too complicated and I decided it was easier to post it here. There is a high-backed wooden stool that goes with it.  The back can be removed - it is held in place with two little wooden pegs to secure.  I never found the stool particularly comfortable - but it looks good! The wheel itself spins beautifully and is a very easy wheel to learn on.   The only reason I am selling is that I have another almost identical wheel and I really don't need this one any more.  I used to keep it at my mother's house so that whenever I was visiting her (regularly as she needed a lot of care in her latter years) I had something to do while we sat and chatted.    The only thing that's missing is the little split pin that holds the treadle arm onto the wheel, but it has functioned perfectly well with a b