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The Workshop is almost ready......

Well, it has been a long haul but we are very nearly there. On Friday, 2nd March we open our doors to the public once more so if you are over this way, stop and say hello.  Fortunately Inverness seems to Beauly Firth - the view from Bunchrew this morning have escaped the snow that is covering much of the country, so we should be fine for opening our doors. For some reason, it seems to be a general rule that building and refurbishment work takes twice as long (and costs twice as much) as you plan for.  I think I should have taken out shares in B&Q before I started down this route. The work seems to have gone in jumps - some big, some little.  Yesterday the particular thing of note was that we got our new signs up.   We hope they will encourage people to stop and come in to see what we do. new roadside signs Today we are making felt coverings for our display heads that we use to show our range of hats.  In the past we never had space to have more than three heads on disp