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The nearest we get to mass production....

Everything we make in The Workshop is individually made, no two items identical unless for some reason they have been ordered that way - for example a pair of cushions. Sometimes, however, we do make a lot of the same thing, it's just that they all turn out different from each other.  For example, over the last couple of days, the embroidery machine has been hard at work embroidering little celtic designs onto small pieces of Harris Tweed that we turn into keyrings.   We make two types of keyring - a basic small fob that on one side says "Made in the Highlands" and on the other has a Celtic knot - and a small zip purse keyring that has a Celtic knot and a Harris Tweed label.   This week we made 100 of the small keyrings and 60 of the purse keyrings and no two are the same.  There may be a few made with the same tweed, but they will be stitched with different colours of embroidery thread and with different knotwork designs. When we make things in these quantities