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A very busy week.....

It's been a busy week...... On Monday I dismantled the computers and tidied up the cable spaghetti that connected everything together. It's all in the one box - I just have to hope that I can figure out how to put it all back together.   Then I set to work and put the first coat of paint on walls and ceiling of that little part of the studio. On Tuesday morning I went back in and painted the second coat.    Then I went and collected my sister off the bus from Glasgow and together we headed over to the Isle of Lewis for a couple of days. It is now a full year since our mother died and we had various loose ends that needed tying up - plus friends to visit and tweed to buy....    We were blessed with beautiful, calm, sunny weather and managed to fit in a walk across to the other Calanais stone circles - which Susan had never been to before despite over three decades of visiting the island. She spent a happy hour or so taking photographs from every ima